A functional guideline introducing big data communication value in the mobile Internet era, help enterprises improve brand reputation, content marketing and consumer insight via big data destruction communication.

If a bridge is to build between businesses and big data, Maixun, with sophisticated techniques, leading analysis tools in functions and veteran service team could discover the value of big data. Maixun's philosophy and analyses are based on enterprise's daily routines, which can help transform data into real value.

"2017 Maixun Internet Communication and Management White Book" systematically combs the methods and actual demands of work during social communication and management, and brings aids and inspirations to enterprises in brand reputation, crisis monitoring, content marketing, we-media management and other working fields through plenty of real cases.

  • 1. Big Data in decoding Communication
    The dominated volume of the series of White Books mainly tells the value of big data in the mobile Internet age and elaborates on how to use data to deconstruct communication and social contact to help enterprises to better understand consumers. Download
  • 2. Brand Reputation and Crisis Monitoring
    The volume mainly tells how corporations use big data to monitor and manage their communication as well as draw valuable inspiration by means of index analysis and content analysis with a focus on groups/enterprises, brands, products, industries, crisis and other fields. Under the current flourishing development of social media, crisis monitoring is of particular importance to businesses. Download
  • 3. Content Marketing
    The volume principally introduces how companies better assist the production of contents by the use of big data and measure the influence and effect of medias. Good contents can attract audience to be more willing or even initiative to know about the brands. Moreover, the potential social value in the contents will be better integrated into the company culture, thus driving the direction of companies' strategies and unwittingly affecting customers' decision-making. Download
  • 4. PR and Campaign Measurement
    The volume illuminates the methodology evaluation system of public relations and marketing campaigns. After the establishment of the core elements (such as targeted groups, contents, effect, etc.) of their PR and marketing campaigns, companies are supposed to make quantitative assessment as much as possible on each and every target. Download

  • 5. Social Community and Consumer Insight
    The volume systematically expounds on the concept and classification of social community, and the value they bring to enterprises. It also tells the dimensions for consumer analysis and perception in the social media era. Download

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